Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 'transfer to existing account'?

    The existing accounts are your beneficiaries’ account which you added under your accounts menu.

  • What is 'transfer to new account'?

    It means you are sending money to a brand new beneficiary account. You’re sending money to this beneficiary for the first time.

  • What is 'transfer to Fama wallet'?

    You can transfer money from your bank account to Fama Wallet. Fama Wallet is a mobile account where you can keep balance for various transactions.

  • What is 'wallet transfer'?

    The wallet transfer is when you send money from your Fama Wallet balance to another Fama account.

  • What is domestic 'Fama wallet transfer'?

    The domestic Fama wallet transfer means you are sending money to another Fama account within your country.

  • What is international 'Fama wallet transfer'?

    The international Fama wallet transfer means you are sending money to another Fama account outside your country.

  • What is 'Fama wallet to bank transfer'?

    Using Fama wallet to bank transfer option you can transfer money from your Fama mobile account to your bank account.

  • What is 'Bank history'?

    The bank history shows all your transactions that involved your bank accounts.

  • What is 'add money'?

    You can add money to your Fama wallet account.

  • What is 'Passbook'?

    The Passbook is like a check book. It shows the history of all transactions.

  • What is 'accept money'?

    When someone sends you money, it will show under accept money. You will have to click on accept money. It is to make sure you that you are receiving moneyfrom someone you know.

  • What is 'airtime top-up'?

    The airtime top-up is prepaid phone minutes. You can buy airtime minutes for prepaid phones.

  • What is 'cash pickup'?

    The cash pick up means you are sending money to an authorized third party entity where your beneficiary will go and collect the cash from.

  • What is 'security pin'?

    All financial transactions within Fama wallet require a 4-digt personal pin. You should have gotten the PIN via email when you signed up for Fama Wallet.
    You should keep the PIN confidential to you. It is like your debit card PIN.

  • What are 'my bank accounts'?

    Your bank accounts are where you add your bank accounts, and your beneficiaries’ bank accounts for transfer and payment purpose.

  • What is 'add new accounts'?

    Add new accounts are where you add a new account to your Fama wallet.

  • What is 'my beneficiary'?

    Under my beneficiary, you add all your beneficiaries’ account that you wish to send money.

  • What is 'add new beneficiary'?

    Add new beneficiary is where you add a new beneficiary account where you would be sending money.

  • What is 'my QR code'?

    You will need to show your QR code to receive money from Fama Wallet. Another Fama wallet user can use your QR and pay you.

  • Is Famacash safe and secure?

    Security is a number one priority for us at Fama. We host all our customer data in the world class data center with dedicated firewall and dedicated database. We have a robust backup and disaster recovery plan. We do end-to-end encryption and use various tools and technologies for ensuring security.

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