Become a Mobile Money Merchant

Fama is a Greek word meaning “fame.” As a FAMA Mobile Money Merchant, you become famous in your neighborhood-the one place
where any consumer can get money, send money, pay bills and top-up domestic and international mobile minutes-and you earn a fee for
every transaction!

It’s as simple as downloading our software. By tomorrow, you can accept any customer’s cash, check, or payment card
and use that money to:

  • 1. Transfer funds to people or businesses anywhere in the world.
  • 2. Top up their mobile airtime.
  • 3. Take cash in and give cash out, to both banked and unbanked customers.

Next, you can...
Use any customer’s money to pay their bills, domestically and overseas- rom rent and utilities to traffic tickets and child support!

In the very near future, you can...
Reward your best customers and encourage current customers to refer new ones with our digital marketing, gift card and loyalty programs.
Profit from the digital wallet revolution, as consumers use their FAMA CASH accounts for stored value and count on you for money in and
money out.

Even access working capital to grow your business!

Don't let your neighborhood keep you local. Make your neighborhood global.

All across the globe, customers are relying on digital commerce. You can be the place where they can access and send money anywhere at
any time, with the service and support that makes it simple.

Give a world of customers the most satisfying payment experience. And gain a new revenue stream in the process.

How It Works

It's as simple as downloading of FAMA merchant application from any computer, table, or smartphone. We can even connect to your POS

We'll give you a short training, plus sample marketing materials and signage that let everyone in your community know how simple it is to
service their digital commerce needs from your location.

And you are ready! When a mobile money customer enters your location, you simply log in to your FAMA software, you choose which
process your customer wants to use.

Then, all it takes is a few simple clicks to:

  • 1. Sell them mobile minutes or top-up their airtime.
  • 2. Transfer their funds to a person or business anywhere in the country or overseas.
  • 3. Facilitate transactions from their FAMA Cash digital wallets, empowering them to deposit and withdraw funds and accept
    payments from others.
  • 4. Pay their own bills or pay bills for family members anywhere in the world.

No cost to join. No equipment or software to purchase. No investment required.

Transactions are fast and easy, and you profit from every one.

Use it in one retail store or in all your locations - the same simple interface and access code will let you be a Mobile Money Merchant no
matter where you are, no matter what the currency, no matter when a transaction is needed.

Why You Need It

FAMA is not just a trendy new way to pay. It is a solution that will redefine your relationships with your customers.

Your customers will:

  • 1. Come in more often, not only to make purchases but also to send money overseas, pay bills and topup their airtime
  • 2. Spend more money each time, since they are already in your retail location and will see things they want or need.
  • 3. Become more loyal, as they become comfortable with you, your customer service and everything you offer.
  • 4. Refer other customers to your one-stopshop for all mobile money services.

Get famous in your neighborhood. Become a FAMA Mobile Money Merchant today!

Download the Famacash app and start sending money now!

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