And this is just the beginning.

Don’t just join the digital wallet revolution. Lead it.

Consumers in the know are quickly replacing their traditional wallets with digital wallets.

At FamaCash, our team of technology superstars and payments professionals is actively engaged in leading the way with features and enhancements that make our wallet more practical, more robust and more powerful.

Soon, FamaCash users will receive digital gift cards, personalized offers and discounts from merchants across the globe. And the bigger our merchant network, the more these benefits will add meaningful savings directly to your wallet.

One global solution. For one special customer.

To be the very best we can, we need you. We need you to be a product advisor, telling us how to make FamaCash better. We need you to spread the word to friends and family, growing your own personal money-sharing network. And we need you to go to your favorite online and retail businesses and encourage them to join our merchant program, magnifying the network of FamaCash locations where you can use your money quickly and securely.

Effect change. Impact growth. Control your money and the future of money. And profit.

Every time you visit a participating FamaMerchant, you’ll get cash back on all your purchases, just for being a FamaCash early adopter.

So help us grow a network that works for you. Be a product advisor. Sign up another customer. Get your favorite businesses on board.

Define where your money works and how it works. All over the globe.

Get Cash Back From Participating Merchants

FamaCash: All your payments needs. Anywhere. Any time. For virtually anything.


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