Download the FamaCash Application. Throw away your wallet.

Physical wallets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With a digital wallet like FamaCash, you can store all of your payment information in one, easily accessible application.

Simply download the application from the Apple Store or Google Play or, after mid-2016, from the Windows Store. FamaCash works on virtually any mobile phone.

Upload all your payment credentials – your credit cards and debit card/bank information. It’s simple.

Now, paying for anything is a pleasure. Online and in-store, there is no need to search for or enter information because everything is stored in your digital wallet.  At participating retail locations, you simply point and click.

With FamaCash, your money goes with you wherever you go and your personal information never leaves your hands.

If you lose a leather wallet, life can be very difficult. If you lose your FamaCash wallet, you still have complete control over all your payment information. You can login to your account from any laptop or computer and lock your phone. You can even choose to delete your data from the phone. If you find your phone, you simply unlock it and start using it. And if you get a new phone, you can easily register it to your FamaCash account and use it immediately. It’s fast, secure and seamless.

Controlling your money has never been so simple.

From one simple application, FamaCash lets you send money to people and businesses anywhere in the world – to bank accounts, to other wallets, and even to participating merchants. You can send money to friends and family overseas, make online or in-store purchases, top-up mobile airtime for yourself or others, and even pay bills.  FamaCash helps you manage your finances.

No more lines. No more waiting for money to arrive. Just one big app, one login, one-click.

Making payments has never been so safe.

At FamaCash, we take security very seriously. And we protect your information with the same or better services that the big banks use. FamaCash provides four layers of protection:

  • First, data is never stored on your phone, but rather in our highly secured and dedicated data center. All the data is encrypted and stored behind a robust firewall.
  • Second, every transaction requires a personal PIN.
  • Third, FamaCash further authenticates every transaction with a number of other internal checks, such as geo-location, IP mapping and sophisticated fraud detection mechanisms.
  • Lastly, we run security audits every day, every week, every month. Always.

Try getting a leather wallet to do all that!


One simple application.
One very major solution


All your money.  All in one place.
Anywhere you need it.


The future of money.
In the palm of your hand.