The Power of FamaCash

When you have all your money, all in one place, and all accessible with a single click from any mobile phone anywhere in the world, you have power.

You have the power to send money to relatives overseas or to friends down the block. You have the power to get a little income boost from your parents, or pay the driver who brought you home last night.

You have the power to send money to anyone else with a FamaCash wallet. And you give them the power to send money to you, instantly, wherever you may be.

All without leaving home, without waiting on line, and without paying extra.

Your FamaCash wallet will work even harder if your friends and family have one too. So get your personal network connected now.

Access your money where you are. Where you’re going. Where you want to be.

Are you a citizen of the global community? Do you want your money to work anywhere in the world?

That’s the beauty of FamaCash. Use it from your phone. Use it from any computer. Use it to pay for goods and services online, or at participating merchant locations. Use it anywhere you are. FamaCash is one of the only digital wallets that powers payments regardless of borders, all over the world.

Use FamaCash to pay bills. Yours, or anyone else’s.

With FamaCash, sending and receiving money is just the beginning. You can also use our built-in bill payment feature to pay bills. So if you’re traveling and your rent is due, pay it. If your child is out of money and his or her car payment is waiting, pay it. If you get an alert about a past-due bill, stop what you’re doing for just one second. Access you FamaCash app, and pay it.

Use FamaCash to top up cell phone minutes. On any phone.

When mobile minutes are running low, top them off in seconds from your FamaCash app. Send minutes to your own phone, or to the phone of any friends or relatives. Give the gift of constant communication right from your FamaCash digital wallet.

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One simple application.
One very major solution


All your money.  All in one place.
Anywhere you need it.


The future of money.
In the palm of your hand.